My journey in woodworking started over 30 years ago with a fascination for the color and texture of wood and a keen eye for the shape and lines I could work into it. I've expanded and evolved my skills and techniques over the years while providing my clients with the design, construction and restoration services they need.

My woodworking experiences range from timber-framed and adobe shelters in New Mexico to wooden boat building. I am a graduate of the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building in Port Townsend, Washington. I also worked on the Milwaukee Avenue Restoration project in Minneapolis.

I toted my toolbox to Europe where I spent a year learning old-world craftsmanship and finishing skills. I renovated a 19th century farmhouse in Belguim, worked as a “joiner” in London and restored wooden boats in Scotland and Cornwall, England.

I live with my wife, Patricia, in our fully restored 1880s-vernacular farmhouse in Edina, Minnesota. Just 40 feet from our backdoor is an original outbuilding that serves as my workshop.

For the last 20 years, I’ve worked with homeowners, designers, architects and contractors alike to translate their respective design visions into a finely crafted piece of furniture or an addition that blends perfectly with an existing setting.

My work has been featured in these fine publications.
- Better Homes and Gardens (October 2000)
- Natural Home (July/August 2003)
- Architecture Minnesota (March/April 2001)
- Better Homes and Garden Home Plan Ideas (Winter 1993)

Who's Peter?

You might wonder why a guy named Marc started a business named Peters. The moniker refers to my great-grandfather, an old-world carpenter and woodworker who practiced his trade for many years in Lake Park, Minn. during the early part of the last century. I want to commemorate Peter's contributions to his community by working under his banner.